How To reduce pain from Sciatica

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Sciatica is the lower back pain that usually radiates down to the hip and leg, at times down to the foot. Sciatica nerve pain can be terrible and affect the daily routine badly, and enjoy life. The soreness and discomfort, like the sudden pain caused due to sciatica could strike anytime. But not to worry. Some simple tips and tricks can help in reducing the pain from sciatica.

Exercises including stretching and strengthening

When you are in pain, it is natural to avoid exercise, which is wrong. Doctors suggest that resting for long will aggravate the pain. Instead do some gentle exercises, such as walk around the house, do some physical activity to keep the spine strong. Exercise helps in the release of endorphins, which helps to reduce the feeling of pain in the body.

When you have recurrent or flaring sciatica symptom do some stretches. Start with some simple exercise that helps in stretching and strengthening the body to relieve the stress. It helps to heal the tensions on the soft tissues, better the functioning of the nerve, and decrease the pain. 

Stretching of the body helps in relieving the pressure exerted on the nerve roots. It also helps to strengthen the lower spine, abdomen and legs.

Before the exercise, ensure to warm up the body with simple stretching and movement. It helps in loosening the stiffness in the tissues. Similarly, do the cool-down exercise and use ice packs to treat the pain and soreness caused due to workouts. 

Use an ice pack and heating pads

Use heat and ice therapy alternatively for 15 minutes to get immediate relief from sciatic nerve pain. Use the ice packs to reduce the inflammation and heat pads to increase the blood flow to the painful area. It helps in speeding the healing process. Heat and ice therapy helps ease the pain of muscle spasms as well. Ensure to not burn the skin with the heat pad.

Get over the counter medication

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs can be purchased over the counter to reduce the pain caused due to sciatica. It helps in relieving the inflammation and pain of the nerves. But it always recommended talking to your family physician before buying the OTC to understand the proper usage of the medicines.

Reduce inflammation

Intake of food rich anti-inflammatory property is vital when you have sciatica. Include a diet rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, fish and fibre to reduce inflammation. Use turmeric, ginger, nuts and olive oil to reduce inflammation and build immunity. It also helps in the overall improvement of health.

Chronic sciatica treatments are also available now, includes physical therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and prescription of the painkillers by the physician. Surgery is the last option if the symptoms do not reduce or continue to increase. The two main types of surgeries are Lumbar laminectomy and Discectomy. Depending on the cause and pain the surgeon will suggest the right surgery and medication needed to reduce pain from sciatica

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