Health benefits of green vegetables

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Some of the people think that meat or non-veg is the only source of the protein and other important nutrients. It is not true, green vegetable and pulses are also great source of high protein, vitamins and nutrients. For being healthy and maintaining your health and becoming a body builder, you should include vegetables in your diet. There are a lot of high protein vegetables which are available for your food. If you want to lose your weight then also consumption of vegetable helps you a lot. To consume more and more vegetables in your meal you should include it in your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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High protein vegetables-

There are various high protein vegetables which are available to keep you fit and healthy such as-

Spinach- It is the rich source of iron; it is very good for your health as it helps to improve hemoglobin count in your blood. It is also a great source of high protein. Green vegetables are full of minerals, carbohydrates and antioxidants that are very important for your health.

Pumpkin- It is most recommended by the doctors in various diseases. By consuming it you can reduce your weight as well as also maintain your sugar and blood pressure level in good manner. It also helps in reducing your stress level.

Broccoli- With the help of this vegetable you can build your muscles without increasing fat in your body. It is the high source of vitamin k and c and also has required proteins that are good for your health. It also helps in decreasing the chances of different types of cancer. You can consume it in your salad and by cooking in your meals.

Peas- It contains high level of fibers. It also has Vitamin A and C that are very important for your growth and good health.

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