Can Bodybuilding Steroids assist in Muscle Growth ?

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Adding tons of lean muscle quickly requires you to do many things perfectly, which includes taking high-quality muscle building steroids. You also need to work out several times a week and follow a progressive and structured training plan,  a balanced and varied nutrition plan that provides sufficient carbs and fats in the right proportion to give the body all the vital nutrients it needs to recover and grow and get sufficient, high-quality sleep each night because this is the time when your muscles grow back and become stronger and bigger.

If you’re doing these things right, then the top muscle building pills can play a decisive role in improving your muscle mass gains. We’ve pulled together some key products that can definitely give you an edge in achieving your goal of packing lots of lean muscle fast.

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Protein Powder

Your muscles are made up of protein so eating more of it will help you add more lean mass faster. An adult needs 69g of dietary protein each day, but if you want to add more muscle size, you need to double this target. Many experts advise eating around 2-3g of protein per kg of body weight.

You should do this by consuming sufficient amounts of the right type of protein, which includes red meat, eggs, fish and white meat. They contain a complete profile of 9 essential amino acids that your body cannot synthesize and so they need to be eaten.

Taking muscle building steroids offers you sufficient protein in required quantities that will help you recover and grow. There is also an option of whey proteins, casein, a slow digesting protein and drip-fed amino acids. More types of protein, such as pea, soy, and rice are also available.


You need creatine as it is a natural energy source that your body can use quickly. Unless you’re vegan you should have the right energy levels. However, research shows that by improving your creatine levels with supplementation, you can significantly increase your muscle size, power output, and strength.

High-quality steroids  contain creatine which is safe and also improves muscle performance, especially its power output. It also boosts anaerobic endurance by acting as fuel for cells, because they prefer to use creatine as energy before using glucose, helping your muscles to lift for longer.

Creatine may cause some water gain in the beginning, but its ability to help performance to build newer muscle cancels out temporary disadvantages.


Beta-alanine is found naturally in the body and is also a common ingredient in many muscle building steroids available on the market. When you consume it, it can bind with other amino acids, called L histidine, and create a compound called carnosine.

You understand the deep burning sensation you get in muscles during intense workouts. That’s actually a build-up of lactic acid, a by-product of exercising at a higher density, and carnosine acts as a buffer that prevents this build-up, and enables you to train much harder for a longer duration before your muscles hurt too much.

So, beta-alanine actually improves your muscular endurance during intense workouts and charges you up with periodic energy boosts.


Caffeine has a stimulating effect that helps you get out of your bed in the morning and stay awake at work. Caffeine also stimulates and releases hormones dopamine and adrenaline. But its main benefit is that it improves muscular power output.

Some muscle building steroids contain safe amounts of caffeine so you won’t get addicted to it.

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