beauty and hair length in our Hair Salon

beauty and hair length in our Hair Salon

First of all, long hair is patience. And in the growing process, and, of course, in caring for them. But the main thing is to approach the process comprehensively.

Vitamins and minerals are responsible for the beauty and hair length in our Hair Salon. First of all, iron and phosphorus. If the hair does not grow, it is necessary to check the iron level and, if necessary, take a course as prescribed by the doctor. Vitamins A and B, selenium, copper and zinc are also important. Growth stimulation is no less important; blood circulation in the scalp and oxygen access to the hair follicles are responsible for this. Scalp massage with special combs and peeling for deep cleansing of the skin will help here. Microcirculation also affects sleep. Not only its quantity, but also its quality, since we move around sleeping, this creates friction, due to which the hair breaks and falls out.

Hair loss is a natural renewal process, but if the hair is noticeably thinning, it’s time to take action. To start, choose a shampoo for hair loss, it has a special firming composition. Drops or ampoules for hair growth will also help, during the use of which blood circulation improves, hair growth is stimulated, weak hair is strengthened and the production of sebum is regulated, which can clog the pores of the scalp. In the process of hair regrowth it is important to regularly trim the weak split ends. If you don’t want to shorten your hair, ask your master to make a graduated haircut, with which the hair does not need special styling. So you will not be bothered that the hair looks untidy. But the main thing is proper and thorough care. It will provide long hair volume, strength and shine. Use a lightweight spray conditioner and by hair drying avoid high temperatures.


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