Be proactive and take care of your sexual health

Be proactive and take care of your sexual health

Although sexual health is often neglected in various parts of the world for overall good health and wellbeing one must take care of his/her sexual health and do relevant tests regularly. STD test (ตรวจ STD which is the term in thai) is done to detect wide range of health issues such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), hepatitis B, syphilis, trichomoniasis, etc. Doing STD test could prevent you from serious health conditions such as infertility or cancer. If you are between 13-65 years and have active sex life then do the tests from reputable clinics or hospitals and have satisfying sex life.

Have peace of mind

Many people feel embarrassed to go to any hospital for STD tests for them anonymous clinics could be good choice as these types of clinics keep the personal information of the patients confidential. Getting the STD tests is easy and quick and depending on the types of symptoms you are suffering doctors mostly suggest blood tests, urine tests, swabs, or physical exams. Before going for the tests it is crucial discuss your symptoms honestly to the doctors hence ensure that you are comfortable discussing your personal problems with the doctor.

Choose the best clinic

Now everyone can instantly search for the best STD tests clinic and book the appointment via a reliable online healthcare platform such a Honestdoc. People can read the articles as per their health concern by reputable healthcare professionals on the website and can get the answer to the questions at earliest by reputable doctors. Read the review of clinic provided on the website and make informed decisions.

Act promptly

STDs, are treatable and curable hence whenever you notice any symptoms in you or your loved one immediately stop intercourse and go for a health checkup. The sooner you will get the STD test report the sooner your doctor will be able to decide a line of treatment for you and you can go back to your normal sex life.

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